Scholarship Program



One-Year Membership Scholarship Opportunity for Community Association Volunteer Leaders


In our continuing effort to grow our Community Association Volunteer Leader (CAVL) memberships, the board of directors has approved the following new program.

This program is a Win-Win-Win for all!

  • Sponsors Win - by gaining access to new clients.
  • Recipients Win - by gaining access to "how-to" solutions 
  • CAI Austin Wins - by gaining the contributions of fresh, new members.;


Member Business Partners and Management Companies

You have an amazing opportunity to support CAI while at the same time benefit a client (or potential client!) by helping them to become a member of CAI. Unlimited sponsorships for scholarships are $125 each. Be a hero to your HOA clients and become a Membership Scholarship Sponsor! Or, do you know of someone you would like to recommend to receive a scholarship? If so, you may also request to sponsor this candidate.

Sponsor companies and their scholarship recipients will be honored at events, noted on our website and mentioned in our quarterly magazine. Each scholarship recipient will receive a metal name badge to be worn at all CAI Austin events noting the name of the sponsoring company.

Sponsorships may be acquired at any time during the year and will remain in place until all funds have been used. You may sponsor as many scholarships as you wish. You may nominate your own eligible recipients, or simply allow the Membership Committee to nominate someone in your name. The board will approve all scholarships awarded.   

Non-Member Homeowners, Condominium Owners and Property Owners

Apply for a scholarship, or be nominated by any CAI Austin chapter member to receive a scholarship. Each scholarship pays for a 1-year CAVL membership in CAI Austin.

Candidates may apply for the scholarship themselves or be nominated by any active CAI member. The Membership Committee will review applications and make recommendations for board approval.